About Jill

Hi! I’m Jill Blair. <- That is exactly how you are NOT supposed to introduce yourself in writing… !


I’ve gone through three of my nine lives at this point I think. My current life is heavily about being mom to one wonderful-if-I-do-say-so-myself young man still in High School, loving my incredibly supportive and loving bicycling, brainy husband (who thought of  “materiella” for me) and making quilts, thinking about quilts, working as a clerk for an incredible quilt shop, handquilting, designing patterns hoping they will be useful to other addicts, I mean, quilters, and on and on. I mean, at least if I make a quilt that *no one else* in the world likes – it’s still a handmade piece of art! and since we live in the U.S. north, that is not a small thing. I intend to post quilt info, tutorials as needed, new diagrams for patterns as needed and all that quilty stuff.
Thank you for clicking your way to here –  Breast-Cancer-Ribbon-Download

2 thoughts on “About Jill

  1. Hi Jill, I just bought your trip around the panel kit from Grubers quilt store in Saint cloud. I love the fabrics that you used. I am looking to make that into a king size quilt and would love to know where I could find more of the red poppy (fabric D) and the light pink grunge that you used. Grubers was all out of it and I can’t tell the number grunge or name of the red flower fabric.
    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Deb, thank you for the compliment!! The grunge is “Ballet Slipper” and we did get more in at the shop to cut more kits. I’ll check when I go in again. We could see if we could order more of the poppy, otherwise it was from Timeless Treasures Digital Floral Study line and was called “Delicate Flower Blooms Cream Fabric”. I hope this helps!


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