About Jill

Hi! I’m Jill Blair. <- That is exactly how you are NOT supposed to introduce yourself in writing… !


I’ve gone through three of my nine lives at this point I think. My current life is heavily about being mom to one wonderful-if-I-do-say-so-myself young man still in High School, loving my incredibly supportive and loving bicycling, brainy husband (who thought of  “materiella” for me) and making quilts, thinking about quilts, working as a clerk for an incredible quilt shop, handquilting, designing patterns hoping they will be useful to other addicts, I mean, quilters, and on and on. I mean, at least if I make a quilt that *no one else* in the world likes – it’s still a handmade piece of art! and since we live in the U.S. north, that is not a small thing. I intend to post quilt info, tutorials as needed, new diagrams for patterns as needed and all that quilty stuff.
Thank you for clicking your way to here –  Breast-Cancer-Ribbon-Download

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