Medora and friends

MedoraCover300dp This is my quilt pattern “Medora”. It currently is written for 2 sizes. (hardcopy available at Gruber’s webshop) It all started because I like to play with what I think is a really underutilized ruler for all the things it can do – Straight Out of Line ruler from Creative Grids (CGRKA3).  It can do these basic wedge shapes starting with squares in sizes from 10″ down to 4″, plus it does a “paddle wheel” shape which is basically a twister type block without cutting away so much fabric, and it also does an “optical illusion” cut that is super fun and I have some more plans for that too. Truly the best thing about the ruler is teaching it and showing other quilters the many, many blocks you can do with it!

I made a runner pattern with it using the optical illusion cut, Flexible Floe:


…and of course I had to do fun wonky pinwheel quilts with wonky borders:


I called it “Twurtle”:


If you like them, you can get any of the patterns and the ruler by calling Gruber’s Quilt Shop at (320) 259-4360. They have a couple of Flexible Floe kits left, and maybe one Twurtle kit with the light blue and green turtle print.

There is only one Paddle Wheel kit in Batiks left, it’s on the website (we’re working on the website, don’t you worry!) There are no more particular kits of this one left but the pattern is “Paddle Wheel” from Cut Loose Press and you get a really gorgeous result with neutral and blue batiks:


As I get back up to speed on WordPress (it’s been a few years for me), I will get more info and links up. Hope you have a lovely weekend – here it will be snowing which means a lot of sewing.

2 thoughts on “Medora and friends

  1. Nice quilts. it sounds very fascinating what variations are possible with a ruler. Never experimented with rulers much like that, so you definitely inspire me! I recognize the pattern as well. Are you Pollypatches on Deviantart, cause then HELLO! 🙂


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